Ke (part 2 of 3), and necessity.

 “While the game was out of print I thought I’d have a crack at redesigning V:tES cards. The scale of the task turned out to be fairly sheer. Creating a design was one thing — sourcing artwork, cleaning it up and then applying it to 3,500+ cards turned out to be very time-consuming. I’ve got to give big thanks to Fernando (aka. Sydelson) for his help sourcing the artwork, as I couldn’t have done it without him.

 I ended up building a new framework to generate the cards and this worked fairly well. However, I still had no easy way of testing the new layout or sharing with others.
So, Amaranth was born out of necessity.  Originally it was just a tool to test the new card layouts — it then morphed into a fully fledged deck builder that has evolved along with the redesigns. 

My favourite feature of Amaranth is, simply, being able to use it on any of my devices; phone, tablet or desktop. That convenience is sweet. Probably one of the most important features is deck sharing — once this was released Amaranth started to increase in popularity. The site now has over 2,100 registered users; between them they’ve created over 31,000 decks (!) — so it’s definitely moved on from its original purpose.

In terms of Amaranth’s future; the next major feature will be deck versioning — this will allow players to create a new version of a deck without the fear of losing the current (and possibly perfect) version. They will be able to compare the differences between versions and more easily collaborate on decks with other players. Another planned feature is automated integration with the Tournament Winning Deck Archive. This will allow players to search and “fork” TWDA decks; modifying them to suite their own style. 

I’m not sure we would have a local play group here in New Zealand if it wasn’t for Amaranth. The ability to print-and-play while the game was out of print kept the enthusiasm for the game alive — something it continues to build on with the game now back in print, thanks to Black Chantry.” 

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