Brian Le Blanc, and inspiration.

To finish up our spotlight on Brian Le Blanc, I wanted to call out a few of Brian’s inspirations that he identified in last week’s interview. The artists here are, in order, Simon Bisley, Frank Frazetta and Burton Silverman.

Once Brian mentioned Bisley as a source of inspiration, something really clicked for me – I now see Le Blanc’s work with fresh eyes. I’ve been familiar with Bisley’s art through Slaine and other comics work, and his exaggerated style has so much in common with Le Blanc.

Frazetta is a legend in fantasy art. His work on Conan and the iconic ‘Death Dealer’ are, I suspect, well known to many. Frazetta’s figures are stylised, dynamic, muscled, and hyper-contorted – all traits that come through in Le Blanc’s work.

Finally, the classical realist Burton Silverman. Silverman’s name was new to me, although after a quick google search I realise I’ve seen his work on a Jethro Tull album, of all places. I’m thankful to Brian for introducing me to Silverman’s broader portfolio.


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