Fragment of the Book of Nod VI: Cameron M, and how to know when you’re really winning.

“I started playing Jyhad with boosters, back in the day when it was hard to get hold of a starter. I eventually learned the rules that came with an early Duelist magazine. I’ve played off and on ever since then. I remember getting my first three maxi-boosters of The Sabbat and scoring a Caitlin – back when she was one of the most unbalanced vamps in the games. I loved that set.

Life unfortunately often puts V:tES on the back burner, but I like getting out to tournaments whenever I can. I like the surprising array of decks, and to see the metagaming in high-gear. Plus it’s good to see old friends.

My favourite deck to play is the classic EuroBrujah. There’s no tricks left in it, but is an old favourite. My fave discipline though, is Quietus. It really didn’t work at first, back in that Ancient Hearts era, but in some ways it was fun because it was so worthless. You won with an Assamite deck in the day – you knew you won. Assamites sucked, so beating someone with it was extra sweet.

The background is great; I loved the tying up of the Chicago Chronicle, the war between Meneleus and Portia (Helena) which stretched from the Trojan War to the present day. Meneleus still loved her after all this time and was willing to go to hell for her.

The best thing about Vampire: the Eternal Struggle? – I want to say the background, because I’m a huge Vampire: the Masquerade fan, but it’s the community. And when I think of the community, it’s definitely some of the smartest and most interesting people I’ve met in one place. People who love the game see the joy of a complex yet balanced game designed for multi-player – it’s almost unique for a card game in my view.”

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